September 29th, 2004


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Really modded monster trucks
Modded Japanese trucks

We thought the NaviStar CXT was bad enough, but it’s downright plain compared to the extreme modding done by the Japanese to their trucks. Transformers gone wild?
    Animaris Rhinoceros Transport: Not your typical day at the beach
animus rhinoceros transport

We know this unhinged, genius Dutch artist created these At-At-Walker-looking creatues just so he could play lion-master with his walking stick (argh, stay back unruly beasts!), but that’s definitely the first thing we would do if we encountered one of these creatures lumbering around the beach. The artist created these skeleton things, which he named Animaris Rhinoceros Transport, out of a steel skeleton and polyester skin and since they’re almost 5 meters tall they actually move (must look at the videos) by wind power. The Animaris’ weigh about 2 tons each and can carry passengers, though the artist says that he’s going to make living quarters in the beast since travel can only be accomplished during strong winds. Right, good thinking, the artist also wants to set the beasts free on nearby beaches so that they can “live their own lives”. Alright so he’s completely loopy, but in that brilliant “It’s Alive!” kind of way.