September 30th, 2004


Продолжая фототему

Adobe unveils new Digital Negative photo format

Konica Minolta Dynax 7 DSLRTrying to address a problem most people weren’t even aware existed, Adobe has created a new file format for digital photos called Digital Negative (DNG) that tries to unify all the different raw formats (images before any in-camera processing) that digital cameras produce. Shooting raw images means you avoid dealing with the compression and loss of image quality involved with shooting JPEGs, but you also have to deal with the fact that each manufacturer basically uses a proprietary format that is specific to their cameras and might not be compatible with Photoshop or other editing software (which is where DNG comes in). They’re hoping that DNG’ll get adopted as the standard for capturing raw images, and they’re definitely going about it the right way and letting anyone who wants to to use the format in their cameras, printers, and software applications for free without any limitations.
    Тестирование фотопринтеров
(Canon, Epson, HP)

C ростом популярности цифровой фотографии увеличивается интерес пользователей и к струйным фотопринтерам. В то же время меняется и само представление о том, какие же устройства печати относить к числу фотопринтеров. Если год назад таковыми считались аппараты, поддерживающие шестицветную печать, то сегодня обязательным условием является способность принтера напрямую взаимодействовать с камерой. Поэтому в данном тестировании мы собрали модели, поддерживающие вывод фотографий либо непосредственно с цифрового фотоаппарата, либо с модулей флэш-памяти. ...
    Hands-on with Kingston's 4GB CompactFlash card

Kingston 4GB Compact FlashIf you couldn't get one of those hacked Muvo² 5GB drives to work in your digicam, have no fear because Kingston has a 4GB Compact Flash card just for you (it'll just cost a bit more). Our pal Jason over at Digital Media Thoughts likes the one they got to play with, and found that the card writes very fast (even faster than Sandisk Ultra II rates) and that they could squeeze in more than 2000 pictures taken with a 4 megapixel digital camera set at maximum quality. This little square of storage'll set you back around $500, so probably not for your mom's camera (unless she's a pro photographer, of course).

Slack security for old computers

    Computer junk, BBCLess than 25% of old computers sold or given away by companies have had data removed from them, raising concerns about personal information security.

    Of 350 companies surveyed for Remploy e-cycle, over 75% had sold or given away computers but only 23% cleansed the data to make it unrecoverable.
    Those surveyed included financial firms which hold sensitive data on customers.
    The survey was held ahead of the introduction of a directive encouraging companies to recycle IT equipment. ...

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