October 1st, 2004


Fun News_

The Segway GT transporter for golf?

segway gt

There have been rumors for awhile in the Segway circles about a golf-specific Segway and it looks like it might be happening. The Segway GT comes equipped to carry a golf bag, ice chest, scorecard, GPS equipment, and is colored red. We’re kinda disappointed, we’d like to see more Segways replacing cars and being used as robotic platforms, but hey, you gotta go where the green is (literally).

    Don’t even think you’re too cool for the Nixichron


Your friends will think you’re totally a nerd if you actually know what a nixie tube is (outside of completely amazing looking), but we hope that won’t stop you from buying one of these $500 GPS time-synced Nixichron clocks. Screw that 72-inch plasma, let this be the proper centerpiece to your living room.