October 19th, 2004


Гаджеты дня_

Sony Ericsson design competition entries

sony ericsson futureWhat do you do when you’re out of ideas for new products?  Ask the public to come up with ideas for you for free, of course.  Sony Ericsson, who have gone quiet as of late in the new wireless entry game, held a design competition in China in which they received hundreds of interesting ideas.  Entries range from straight-up ripoffs of products already in existence to bizarre exercises in Escher geometry.  Spotted trends include twisting keypads, iSight-like cameras, and PSP-inspired widescreen displays.  Also, the iPhone dream still lives (see right).


издалека, дизайн по мне :) посмотрим, что в живую будет
    Holy Hasselblad H1D

Hasselblad H1DJust when you thought you’d seen about everything in the world if digital photography, famed camera manufacturer Hasselblad drops the digital SLR to totally end all digital SLRs. And what’s more, the 22 megapixel Hasselblad H1D forgoes storage cards entirely, favoring an integrated 40GB hard drive (which is entirely necessary, considering that each of the images it produces weighs 132MB). Yet somehow, even given the size, we’re wondering how practical it is—but come on, what’s practical about 22 megapixels anyway? We live in times of glorious tech excess.


Фишка дня_ :)

Sushi drives
One 128MB tomago, kudasai

We’ve seen USB Flash drives come in all shapes and sizes, but the new SolidAlliance (they brought us the USB duck drives) sushi drives set a new standard in conjoining the Japanese obsession with plastic food and our obsession with weird USB drives. Unfortunately your tekka maki only comes in sizes from 32 to 128MB, so we may hold out until they hook up some 512MB+ fugu drives.