October 21st, 2004


Фишка дня_ Теперь на Линухе :)

Watch This Wednesday: the Linux Watch

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Last week on watch this Wednesday we slapped our wrists with the onHand PC watch and, it felt oh so good. This week we ask, where’s our Linux watch?

Sheesh, calm down, it’s right here.

Starting in 2000 IBM started showing a Linux watch to showcase how great Linux is and where it can run. December rolled around, they added Bluetooth; then in to January of 2001, IBM and eMagin added a high resolution Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) for CES. But in 2001 IBM teamed up with Citizen Watch and since then we haven’t heard a thing. It’s almost 2005 now! What happened to this watch? Well, we figured we’d use our “Watch this Wednesday” weekly feature to ask, and hopefully hear when we can buy one. Ain’t nothing like root on your timepiece. ...