December 3rd, 2004



Make Your Own National Geographic Photo Posters
National Geographic Print PostersFrom the arts and crafts department we get word of a page on the National Geographic website where you can print and construct color photo posters from classic Society photos. There are currently 12 photos available in two categories: animal and landscape. Each one is stored as a ten page PDF file which you download and print. From there, using those skills you learned in kindergarden, you can tape each sheet together to get the final 25” x 33” picture. Cool!
   Great Escapes Digital Village
Gadling: today is launching the fourth installment of the travel documentary “Great Escapes Digital Village,” which will follow Richard Bangs, executive producer and host, on a trip to New Guinea. Great Escapes quietly launched in June, with a photo documentary of Grover, Colorado (really! Grover, Colorado! Gee.). Bangs, btw, was behind one of my favorite sites of all time,, which is now defunct.

The current two-month-long expedition, which actually began on Nov. 21, was previewed yesterday and is now accessible here. The digital photos were captured by Bangs’ team and the residents themselves.

Bangs, a cofounder of, and his crew were outfitted by HP, a sponsor, with battery-powered cameras and photo printers, to help tell the story of the people of Long Lebusan, a village on the banks of the Waghi River, their life in their remote region of the world.

Hardnews: Сила мысли :)_

The PaperHub
Pressure Drop
So Pressure Drop is coming out with a USB 2.0/FireWire hub that’s disguised as a paper tray. Or maybe it’s a paper tray disguised as USB 2.0/FireWire hub. Either way, whatever’s on your desk now is obsolete. Or at least it will be on December 10th when they start shipping these things.
   The 5.25-inch drive bay storage box
5.25-inch bay boxFile this one under the “kicking ourselves for not thinking of it sooner” category. While we’re sure it’d instantly turn into a mini-junkdroor extrordinaire, having some spare 5¼ drive bays in your PC (you do have some, right?) just got a whole lot more useful. We hope their 2.0 product comes with a lock and an optical drive-like eject mechanism; are we asking too much?