January 4th, 2005


Тенденции: Torian’s InFusion portable wireless Internet radio_

Torian InFusionAt every Consumer Electronics Show there is always a handful of startups for whom the trade show isn’t about pimping their latest product to the press and the public—it’s about finding somebody to invest in their company and help them take some prototype they’re working on from concept to reality or find licensees for their technology. Torian is a good example of the latter, they’re going to be showing off a new technology for “portable Internet radio” they’re calling iRoamer (wonder where they got that name from…) that they hope will someday be used to wirelessly stream Internet radio to portable media players, car stereos, home stereo systems, cellphones, etc. To demonstrate how iRoamer works they’re also pitching the InFusion (pictured at right), a portable wireless Internet radio that also play MP3s and has a built-in FM tuner (they don’t mention whether it uses WiFi or GPRS or whatever, but it sounds like this is more of a proof-of-concept thing at the moment).