January 9th, 2005


CES2005: Sanyo @ CES - Phone pr0n III, The W21SA Spacephone_

w21sa closedIt’s just not fair. We’ve been in lust with the W21SA ever since KDDI unveiled it way last summer, and though they’ve come out with a few slimmer 3G phones since then, we still love the Spacephone’s smooth white (iPod/iBook/iWhatever) lines and all its incredible features. When we picked it up, it was hard to keep the drool off the phone, ever line, every button is so smooth and well placed, and the looks like a big white piece of chocolate - rich, creamy white chocolate with a luscious high tech LCD display. Oh my beloved ice cream bar…

More luscious white 3G goodness after the break.

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CES2005: Sanyo @ CES - Phone pr0n II, The Talby_

talby cropThe Infobar was one of the most heralded phones is Japan and helped convince a lot of subscribers to switch to KDDI. The follow up, the Talby, is the Infobar re-imagined by designer Mark Newson. Not only is it beautiful but it’s powerful too; designed for KDDI’s 1x RTT network, the phone has the Opera web browser with a Flash Lite player, a 240 x 320 (QVGA) LCD, and a 1.3 MP camera with macro mode for snapping barcodes.

Although we didn’t get to play with it that much since the interface is only in Japanese, we can tell you after holding this phone, all you can say to yourself is “Why? Why can’t any American phones look and feel half this good?” Once you pick it up, you don’t want to put it down—EVAR.

Click on for more pictures—and believe us, no matter how many we took we still wanted to keep snapping this thing.

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CES2005: Dolby: Holy 13.1 channels, Batman!_

dolbyDolby built a special theater in the middle of the CES floor to showcase Dolby Digital Plus, the next generation of Dolby home theatre protocols that starts at 7.1 and currently goes as high as 13.1 channels. Of course, they use all 13.1 channels in their booth. Not only does this one go to 13, but the audio is sampled at a much higher bit rate, for truer sound. Dolby bumped the sampling rate from 640 kbps to 6 Mbps. HD-DVD has already selected Dolby Digital Plus as its audio codec of choice. Of course that means that once you get an HD-DVD player and the accompanying receiver, you’ll need enough cable to wrap around the earth’s circumference just to wire a single room. Buy stock in Monster Cable.


CES2005: Oregon Scientific @ CES - MSN Direct alarms_

CES Oregon ScientificRemember when Billy G. was giving his CES keynote and he announced that we could be expecting some non-SPOT watch devices getting data off MSN Direct in short order? (Check for 7:50PM.) Well what do you know, we saw a couple mockups, and while we’re not impressed on the industrial design end of things, it sure beats that barometer we’ve got hanging outside the window that we never learned to read.


CES2005: "умный" пульт от Logitech_

Logitech Harmony 880На проходящей в Лас Вегасе международной выставке бытовой электроники, CES 2005, компания Logitech представила полезнейшую вещь - универсальный пульт Д/У. Американские потребители оценят новинку по достоинству, ведь а июне Logitech Harmony 880 начнет продаваться в США.

Harmony 880 поддерживает все известные аудио-видео устройства, благодаря USB, универсальный пульт можно подключать к ПК и закачивать новые "прошивки" регулярно выкладываемые в Интернет, после появления новых моделей DVD-проигрывателей, телевизоров, аудио-систем и т.п.

Из достоинств хочется отметить оригинальный дизайн, цветной сенсорный ЖК дисплей и литий-ионный источник питания. Цена в 250 долларов кому-то может показаться высокой, но оно того стоит, особенно если у вас дома широкий набор аудио/видео техники.


Имхо, здесь не хватает DECT :)