February 9th, 2005


Фишка дня: Developer working on WiFi-detector ring_

wifi ringJust about every peripheral company has come up with a handheld WiFi detector over the past year, but none of them have excited us enough to earn a place on our keyring. However, we do like the direction being taken by the developer of the WiFi Ring, which, as its name suggests, sits neatly on your finger and lights up when it detects a network. A working prototype has apparently already been developed, and there are mockups of a finished product that looks a lot less goofy than plenty of other wearable tech (are you listening, Suunto?). If you’re a dedicated wardriver you’ll probably want something that gives you a little more data. But if you’re looking for something to help you check out the signal strength before choosing a seat at Starbucks, one of these could come in handy.


Тенденции: The Brazilian WheelSurf_

WheelSurfIt’s kind of like the Scabber or the BushPig (remember those? We know, they were oh, so long ago), except instead of sticking your foot in, you stick your body in. Yes, it looks fun, yes, we’d try cruising around the block in one, and finally, yes, it was only a matter of time before the monocycle got tricked out and made into a viable, commercially distributed vehicle. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to encourage extreme one-wheeled vehicling around town, at least not unless it’s a Bombardier Embrio. Ah, what the hell.


Тенденции: The Razorback paintball tank_ :))

Razorback paintball tankWe’re not sure what kind of paintballer you’d have to be to invest in the Razorback paintball tank, but its mere existence seems to necessitate some sort of crazed fanaticism the likes of which we can only imagi—er, well, relate to, actually. And apparently that fanatic needs a 360° rotating dual gattling gun turret (or scenario launchers for tank combat), fed by a five thousand round paintball hopper with another 14,000 rounds onboard. Oh, and it’s got a loudspeaker system with a mic, for taunting your opponents as you pump a few hundred skin-blistering rounds into their sorry pelt. We are just so confused right now, and so reminded of kids who played with their GI Joes well into their teens.