March 26th, 2005


Тенденции: Adidas 1 review_

Adidas 1 computer running shoe

It took a bit of wrangling, but we managed to score a pair of Adidas 1, those new running shoes that come with the 20MHz microprocessor built-in. We knew that reviewing these shoes would require some very serious sacrifices—namely, that we remove ourselves from our chair and actually do some exercise—but we couldn’t resist finding out first-hand whether having a little computational power would make any difference in our, uh, daily workout. Collapse )

Фишка дня: Futuretrotech: the slide rule watch_

Torgoen slide rule watch
We don’t need no stinkin’ electronic calculator. SPOT smart watches? Bah! We’ll be kickin’ it old skool style with a slide rule upon the wrist, thank you very much. Besides, $250 undercuts that smart watch by a long shot, and no pesky monthly subscriptions to contend with. Torgoen sure gave us the goods on this one — it’ll do the duty on all of our currency conversions as well as fill the gaping need for solutions to all of our time, distance and speed equations. So many! How have we lived til now?