June 30th, 2005


Тенденции/Фишка дня: BestaPro DMP-1: your convergence panacea?_

Bestapro DMP-1


While not packing the same sweaty browed pr0n wallop as the groovalicious iStation i2, the BestaPro DMP-1 leaves not doubt that South Korean PMP manufacturers are tossin’ the competition’s salad. The DMP-1 flaunts a 20GB hard drive, 64MB SDRAM,a 320 x 240 LCD adjustable touch screen and features the usual music (MP3, WMA, ADPCM, WAV) and video (MPEG-1 and DivX and Xvid MPEG-4) playback formats, FM tuner, TV-out, and USB 1.1 hosting for direct transfer of photos from your digital camera, for example. All in a shiny black box about 10-15% bigger than the i2 in dimensions and weight. However, unlike the i2, the DMP-1 also boasts an integrated 1.3 megapixel cam for stills and video, an SD expansion slot, and includes “PDA functionality” with the Encyclopedia Britannica and electronic dictionary built-in.

[Via DAPreview]

Update: Словарь на все случаи_

Тенденции: Turn your Mp3 player into a GPS_

AVing Korea Just found for us today the ULTIMATE Mp3 player (512MB), this player not only carry a FM Tuner but a GPS receiver, which will help you to store all you data while you are jogging, and once your run finished you will be able to link it on your PC for backup and future reference. Well know will not fear to run in any forest with your GP-100. Collapse )


Update: Paroos G-100: Flash player + GPS + FM = ultimate workout device_