July 12th, 2005


Фишка дня: Vessel Inc.’s Time Tags tell time. What more do ya want?_

Vessel Inc. Time Tags 
Stopwatches? Atomic clocks? Pssssht. We want just the time, ma’am, just the time. Vessel Inc. delivers with these little Time Tag dealies that clip onto wherever and just get their time on without any other fuss. They’re sold in pairs for $18, and the only catch is that in order to swap out the battery, you have to contact customer service. Huh, we’re not sure why but that sounds sorta familiar.


Тенденции/Технологии: MP3-плеер как лекарство_

cure alpha
В Японии вышел MP3-плеер с необычной функцией – к воспроизводимой музыке «подмешивается» неслышимый ухом низкочастотный сигнал, «настраивающий» альфа-ритмы головного мозга на состояние, соответствующее расслабленному и ясному сознанию. Разновидность самой музыки значения не имеет – это может быть хоть классика, хоть самый тяжелый «металл».

В остальном плеер вполне обычный – 128 МБ встроенной флэш-памяти, поддержка MP3 и WMA, 16 часов работы от одной батареи. Размеры – 60 х 60 х 20,5 мм, вес – 60 грамм. Цена – около $250.

Cure-α - the mood-altering audio player_

The caring MP3 player_

CURE-α(キュア アルファ)_

Технологии: Stays Cool suits_

This is for the guys who have to endure the sweltering days of summer in business attire. I really feel for you. Business wear for women is open to interpretation and usually by summer, miniskirts and sleeveless tees are able to pass as corporateish. "No, this is not a tube top, dude, it's a strapless tunic!"

Despite the prevalence of "business casual" I still see a sea of suits when I'm walking around the city and I get a sympathy panic attack for each wool-enrobed man I see. How do you not drop dead of heat strokes in the NYC train stations which are roughly twice as hot as the air outside?

The Stays Cool suit is made of wool, yes, but has a lining made of a SmartFabric developed by NASA that has "Thermocules" which absorb and release heat to help regulate body temperature. The same technology is used in some athletic shoes to keep your feet dry and cool even as they're sweating buckets. Just like your body in its corporate coccoon. Instead of dripping and drying, and starting the whole process again as you go in and out of air-conditioned buildings, your Cool Suit helps to keep you comfortably balanced.

The Stays Cool Suit is available at Jos. A. Bank and is on sale right now for $320 (usually $595).

From the Baltimore Sun (bugmenot for the unregistered).

Smart Fabric Technology™ (SFT™) by Outlast_

Stays Cool Suit_