October 10th, 2005


Тенденции: Rocket Racing coming in 2007_

rocket racing (artist)The X Prize was a huge success at re-energizing public attitude towards space travel and in giving NASA a much needed kick in the a$$. But with the prize won, what is Peter Diamandis to do next? Easy, rocket racing! He is developing a league complete with TV rights, video games, merchandise, and of course, the X-Racers — rocket planes which will blast into mad vertical assaults and cheek-rippling high-speed turns. By 2007, Peter imagines 10 X-Racers launching side-by-side with the help of 1,800-pound-thrust, kerosene hungry engines. These engines should squeeze out about four minutes of boost and 12 minutes of glide topping out at about 300 miles per hour — they will even have the ability to make a “quick pit stop” to refuel. Pilots will navigate the virtual racetrack projected as a tunnel onto a heads-up display while viewers at home will see the rockets superimposed onto the virtual course just like that yellow first-down-line you see while watching American Football. Natch, there will be plenty of live, emotive shots from the cockpit and via wing mounted cameras. A regular Nascar (without the chaw) for bizilionaires. Can’t wait until 2007? Then get on over to the X Prize Cup in New Mexico next Sunday where a prototype EZ-Rocket will be showcased.

Rocket Races. Bring Earplugs_