January 17th, 2006


Фишка дня: Bottle cap tripod_

bottlecaptripod.jpgI've just flipped through dozens of recent photos taken with my probably obsolete (and it's just 2 years old!) digital camera and realized that every shot taken in the evening is so fuzzy it looks like I shot them using one of those filters used to turn older movie stars into glowy, diffused figures of supposedly indeterminate age. I'd like a new camera, definitely, but I could also just get one of these bottle cap tripods. It turns any narrow-necked bottle into a tripod for taking photos in low light conditons, or for when the photographer would like to be in the picture. Even lightweight tripods are too bulky for toting around everyday, but these tripod caps are no bigger than the actual bottle cap. A bottle doesn't have adjustable legs, of course, but it sure beats trying to use a shelf or the fridge and then contorting to fit yourself into the frame. Not that I do that.Collapse )

Bottle cap tripod_

Bottle Cap Tripod for Digital Camera by Yodobashi (6 Colors)_

Poor Man’s Camera Tripod_