February 27th, 2006


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Cold River Vodka
One of the things the state of Maine is famous for is potatoes, now some entrepreneurs are turning the potato into vodka. Freeport Maine's Cold River Vodka is created by a neurosurgeon, a former U.S. ski coach and a potato farmer and it is selling well in its home state according to this article in on Maine Today. Bob Harkins, the former ski coach  knew the brain surgeon, Lee Thibodeau from college and his brother Don owns the Green Thumb potato farm in Fryeburg, Maine. When Don's potato business was struggling they decided to create the vodka with the help of Chris Dowe, a professional distiller whose wife is Lee Thibodeau's nurse anesthetist. Potato-based vodkas often have a bit of an uphill climb with consumers because they have a heartier taste that the smoother grain-based versions. The company launched last year and plans to create around 7,000 cases a year. There are plans to make it a regional and then perhaps national brand. Bottles sell for $31.99 each. The design of the bottle seems similar to Belvedere and other premium vodkas.

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