June 27th, 2006


Фишка дня: Vinyl Killer Crystal record player_

vinylkiller.jpgThe Vinyl Killer has been around for a few years now. It's a clever little motorized bus that drives around in circles on top of any 12-inch vinyl record. It has a stylus on its underside, so that when it's on its merry trip it will play music from whatever record you've chosen. The bus is more of a novelty that any serious replacement for your turntable, as the speaker is quite small, and listening to music from a moving source can be quite disorientating. It is amazing to watch though! Why am I talking about this now when it's been available for a few years? Well, the creators, Razyworks, have recently released the Swarovski Crystal Limited Bling Bling Edition. For $520 you can be the talk of the town with your crystal encrusted battery-operated minibus. Unfortunately, the talk of the town will most likely be "Did you hear about the person that paid $520 for a toy record player?!" For the less flash among us, the standard $70 version is still available. Collapse )

Swarovski-Festooned Vinyl Killer_