August 7th, 2006


Фишка дня: The next gen ant farm_

Ant farms used to fairly simple, usually just a plastic box, dirt, and ants from the back yard. Antworks is an ant farm for the 21th century. It comes with this weird non-toxic aqua-blue colored gel, actually developed by NASA, which is both a habitat and food for the ants. So, you can watch the ants eat the gel and make tunnels, and other ant activities. The kit comes with the gel, a case, and blue LED lights attached in the base for extra sci-fi effect. Ants are not included but are easily ordered from the internet or can be found at any summer picnic. Add a webcam, and you've got yourself a pet webcam site with very little maintenance, because the ants require no additional food or water.
ThinkGeek: AntWorks - Space Age Ant Habitat_