January 27th, 2007


Фишка дня: Bonfire, the Tripod Burner: all the fun of a cookout with none of the work_

Bonfire, the Tripod Burner: all the fun of a cookout with none of the workEngadget:
Perhaps the best part about being a camp counselor was making our wards risk mosquito bites and poison ivy in order to collect dirty, rotting wood for their campfires -- while we sat around laughing and planning the evening's snipe hunt. Well one of those poor souls must have grown up to become a product designer bent on saving future generations from such cruel torture, and the result is a portable "bonfire" that you can fold up and slip into a knapsack or strap onto your pack mule. Designer Yu-ri Lee's "Tripod Burner" is little more than a three-legged gas stove that supports the cooking surface of your choice, but because of its unique shape, makes the perfect companion for a small tailgating party or romantic picnic in the woods. Unfortunately the 2007 iF Award-winning stove is only a concept for now -- meaning you won't see it on sale at Target anytime soon -- so if you want a real bonfire whose flames kiss the forest's leafy canopy, a crew of indentured campers is still your best bet.

Yanko Design: Bonfire, the Tripod Burner - January 19 2007_