efield (efield) wrote,

Тенденции: The ATRON shape-shifting robot_

ATRON robotScientists at the Maersk Institute in Denmark have invented a prototype for a shape-shifting robot composed of individual spherical modules which can join together in any number of different shapes and combinations (please, no Terminator 2 jokes, ok?). Each of the modules on the ATRON, as it’s called, has its own onboard computer and can operately independently of the others, and the big idea is that it can change shape in order change how it gets around, so it’s able to walk, roll, or even slither depending on the circumstances and terrain. We’d mumble something about the whole idea of little robots joining together to make a larger robot being swiped from Voltron, but ATRON is actually a lot more flexible in the number of modules that can be joined together and the shapes that can result. And also the modules are less lion-shaped.

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