efield (efield) wrote,

Технологии/Фишка дня: The Lotus 23, or: umbrella 2.0_

Lotus 23 umbrella
We can definitely think of a few things around the house that need a gadgety update or at very least a spicy redesign, and despite the ready abundance of $3 umbrellas made available by mysterious cart-wheeling street vendors at the first signs of precipitation, something tells us that Andy Wana’s Lotus 23 may be the true way to go. The device won the Gold 2005 Australian Design Award for its fully retractable umbrella screen, which is pushed out of its housing tube-worm style; flexible ribs stand up to harsh winds, instead of breaking and buckling. Andy, make one in Burberry plaid and we’re like, so there.

Click image to enlarge
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