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Фото&Видео: Sony HDR-HC1 HDV Handycam: world’s smallest and lightest HD consumer cam_

Sony HDR-HC1
Sony’s not content to wow everybody with just the unveiling of the PS3 alone, so they’re also putting out what’s reputedly the world’s smallest and lightest HD consumer cam. Like the QUALIA 002 and the HDR-FX1, the HDR-HC1 supports HDV and records in 1080i. At a mere one and a half pounds, your camera bag would be a smidge less burdensome with this thing in tow. Other features include a 2.7-inch hydrib touchscreen LCD, SteadyShot image stabilization, 90 minutes battery life, 10X optical and 120X digital zoom, PictBridge capability, and the ability to snag 2.8 megapixel stills directly onto Memory Stick Pro Duo cards. They’re also saying it’s the only HD camcorder that lets you take a 1 megapixel still shot while concurrently filming HD video. It’s gonna roll out officially in July, though they omitted one of those finer details we’d rather like to know: the price.
Update: Japanese reader Toshio says it’ll be out July 7 for about $1700USD. The Year of HD, indeed.


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